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*Crickets in my Keyboard*

*Crickets in my Keyboard*

Has it really been a year since I’ve written? A year has brought so many changes in my life. Not the least of which, our family welcomed a little fireball by the name of Joshua Stephen. And you know, the whole childbirth thing that goes along with it. I know, I know… women/families have been doing this for thousands of years. But it always feels like you’re the only one who has ever done it. Am I right? So, to commemorate my little boy’s first birthday, I thought I’d document his birth and some of my thoughts before I forget….

Baby Lin is here!

Baby Lin is finally here! Joshua Stephen Lin was born on November 1, 2013, at 11:24 A.M. He was a healthy 7 pounds and 4.6 ounces, and he lots of family here for the coming out party! Mom and Dad Lin, Mom and Dad Hawthorne, the 3 newly-minted Hawthorne uncles (Will, Ben (with wife Lori), and Lucas) were all at hand to celebrate. So far, he has been a very good baby. Eyes were wide open for the first hour, exploring the new world around him. His first poop was HUGE (he got that trait from his Daddy, by the…

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